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Geranium Essential Oil

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Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

Geranium essential oil has an harmonising effect on the mind and emotions which makes it fantastic for treating stress.  It is a haemostatic which means it stops bleeding.  This makes it very useful for treating injuries and speeding up healing.  Helps relieve pre-menstrual tension, excessive fluid retention, menopausal problems and is very good at balancing hormones.  It is very useful for many types of skin conditions such as dry eczema, shingles, burns, lice and ringworm.   Geranium is in fact an insecticide and is very good a a mosquito repellent.  As for skin treatment, this is a cleansing, refreshing and astringent essential oil so is used widely in skincare. It is good for sluggish, congested and oily skins.

Country of Origin - Eygpt